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Safekeeping the public’s interest is at the heart of every public entity’s business.  Whether you’re a city or county government, a fire protection or ambulance district, public entities rely on their insurance agents to be experts in a wide variety of potential risk management issues.  We have the expertise to council you on the right protections for your public entity.

Public entities face unique risks that the average commercial insurance client does not, and it is important to understand what unique coverages and needs each public entity may have.  Most of the policies offer tailored protections to cover what’s most important to each entity’s special needs.

Knowing the importance of coverages to protect a municipal police force in the internet age, understanding the potential for increased litigation and the protection of public officials, or ensuring the correct coverages are in place to protect the public’s interest in autos and other property can all come into play when finding the right policy for public entities.

We have the resources and the knowledge to provide the right coverages, at the right value for any number of situations.  Our decades of experience writing public entities in nearly every space (municipalities, fire protection districts, ambulance districts, 911 boards, water supply districts, etc.) gives our public entity clients the power that they need protect community’s interests.

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