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Why Do You Have So Many Questions? I Just Want A Quote.

Why do you need so much info?

Q & A: Answers to the Questions Our Clients Ask


Dear Brian,

Why do you need all of this information?  I just want a quote!


We get this reaction quite often to the, “I just want a quote” or “I am just looking for a ballpark quote” request.  All you want is a quote, and then we have a couple of questions. Well, way more than a couple!!!!! Some agents out there will not have a problem with that request, however, the numbers they give a large percentage of the time will not be accurate. When we provide you with a quoted price, I want that number to hold firm. My experience is that ballpark quotes only lead to trouble. If my guess is too high, I might not get the business. If my guess is too low, the client is not happy when the final number is reached.

Asking the Right Questions

Asking the right questions of our clients can affect.

  1. Price of the quote.
  2. Claims being paid correctly.

The goal at Scott Agency is to gather the correct information to create an accurate proposal to get an accurate quote and insure that your property is properly covered.

Examples of some of the critical information we need could be social security numbers, driver info for other drivers in the household, or VIN #’s of vehicles. The most important thing as an agent is for the price I provide the client to be accurate. To do that we need, specific info depending on the product being quoted. There are times when we hear, “my current agent never asked me that question.” When we hear that, we know that the other agent filled in a lot of blanks with assumptions.

In some cases, a client will ask me to proceed with a quote without all of the needed info. In those cases, I will decline to provide a quote. My experience tells me if the prospect is unwilling to work with me to give the needed info, we will not be a good fit, and it is better to let them work with another agent that is more willing to work in the gray areas.

The Devil is in the Details, Buyer Beware

In the old George Jetson cartoon. George went to work and pressed a button over and over. Some insurance agencies operate in the same way, providing generic quotes. The Scott Agency designs our products to meet your needs. There is a method to our madness and good reasons for all our questions. Beware of three clicks to a quote gimmicks or “we can save you money in 3 minutes or less” operations. The devil is in the details.

The worst experience anyone can have is needing your insurance because of a loss and finding out that the coverage you thought you were paying for isn’t what you have.  We take the care at the beginning of our journey so that if you need us in the end, the coverage we provide will be appropriate to support you in your time of need.

Have Questions? Feel free to reach out and let us know.